Liddy van der Linden '10, Softball

Name: Liddy van der Linden

Sport played:  Softball

Years played:  2006-2010

Year graduated:  2010

Academic major/minor:  Nursing

Current address: Portland, Maine

Please share some of your favorite SJC memories - on and off the field:

I can't even begin to name all the great memories I made at SJC… I could probably write a book with all of them! My four years at SJC were definitely some of the best years of my life both on and off the field. It was just the beginning of the many great friendships that I still have and value today.

Here are just a few of the many memories I have from my "Maine" school... Favorite memory on the field - I still go back to that day in Florida my sophomore year when we beat a tough team from New York - RPI. It seemed like the odds were stacked against us. However, we ended up coming back from several runs behind and won the game. I hit my first, real "out of the park" grand slam in that game, but the best part was how we came together as a team to beat them and never lost faith that we could win that game. Also, our 23-game win streak my senior year definitely tops my list! How could it not!

Favorite memories off the field - Softball spring break trips to Florida, RA training, school dances - where my friends made me dress up as the 1987 prom queen, and creating our own "highlighter" dance with some of my former teammates, intramurals, our crazy days/nights in Carmel, living in the suites, SJC sporting events, going on a cruise my senior year with some of my closest friends, Senior Week, and many more!

Notable performances as an SJC athlete (records, championships, individual accolades):

- 23-game win streak my senior year - Neile Nelson Award, 2010 - GNAC All-Academic Team, 2008-2010 - Single- season home run leader (tied with, of course, Emily "the Masher" Leverone") - GNAC All-Conference First Team, 2010 - Team Captain, 2008-2010 - Team MVP Award, 2010 - Team Gold Glove Award, 2009

Where are you employed? Please tell us your job title, duties, how long you've been there, etc.:

I am currently employed at Maine Medical Center in Portland as a registered nurse. I started out about 5 years ago right after graduating from St. Joe's, working on a medical-surgical floor as a staff RN and a charge RN. I recently switched jobs within the hospital and since this past June, I am working as a full-time recovery room nurse. I primarily care for patients that are just coming out of surgery and that are first waking up after having anesthesia. Whether it be a simple, straight-forward day surgery, where the patient gets to go home that same day, or a much more complex surgery, where the patient may have a lengthy stay in the hospital, I see and learn new things every day, and no day that I work or patient I have is ever the same. I have taken care of the adult population that has just had a kidney transplant, joint replacements, gastric bypass, etc. In addition, I get to take care of some of the pediatric population right after they have surgery. Not every day in my nursing career is glorious and wonderful and there are definitely some very difficult days, but I am so happy and lucky to have chosen a career that I love and gives me so much gratitude.

Please tell us about your family, if applicable:

Most of my immediate family is still living in Massachusetts, but I do get to visit them often - only a 2-hour trip down the highway! I absolutely love being an auntie and spoiling my nephew and three nieces. Fun fact is that my youngest niece was just born a little over a year ago, and made her grand entrance at 10:11am on 12/13/14. Pretty cool sequence of numbers huh? She was bound to be a pretty cool kid right from that start with that kind of birthday! In addition, I have built my "Maine" family with some close-knit friends and co-workers. And I'm still with my biggest supporter and SJC college sweetheart, Brian.

What do you do for fun?

Maine Fall and summers have to be my absolute favorite! I love spending time outdoors, especially during those seasons, and going hiking and exploring new places and events around our beautiful state. I also love spending time with family and friends, traveling, trying new restaurants and food/drinks in the Portland area, listening to music and catching some concerts, staying active, and something as simple as spending some weekend nights in relaxing and catching up on missed shows and movies (Yes, I am officially an adult with that last statement). Last but not least, I am still playing the game I love and am part of a slow-pitch co-ed softball team during the fall and spring. It is so much fun; however, I do wish they would throw me a fast pitch once and a while :).