• Follow Joe Coyne While He Plays Summer Ball in Hawaii
    June 07, 2012
    STANDISH, ME - SJC baseball freshman catcher Joe Coyne (Duxbury, Mass.) will be playing in the prestigious Hawaii Collegiate Baseball League (HCBL) this summer and has agreed to share his experiences via online blog.
  • MONKS INSIDER: Chris Petzy's Final Entries
    August 30, 2011
    LONDON, ENGLAND - 9:30 – Everything is packed and we are ready to make our final walk to the Sports Centre for breakfast. Same meal, same delicious results...
  • MONKS INSIDER: Ross Hardaway '11 - Fourth Entry
    March 13, 2011
    The Monks ventured off to DC to see the White House, Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial, World War II Memorial, Korean War Memorial and the Smithsonian. Coach Edgar was convinced that someone would get lost...
  • MONKS INSIDER: 2011 Spring Trip Edition
    March 08, 2011
    STANDISH, ME – Three Saint Joseph’s College athletes have agreed to share their experiences, on the field and off, during their respective spring break trips next week.
  • MONKS INSIDER: Chad Rafferty '13 - Final Entry
    March 08, 2011
    Today we arrived back in Maine. We had an early flight out of Orlando, and it was on time. We took off looking out the window at palm trees and blue skies, and when we landed we saw scattered snowflakes...
  • MONKS INSIDER: Alyssa Dunn '11 - Final Entry
    March 08, 2011
    WE MADE IT! We are officially back in Maine! This is my last blog for the Monks Insider as the 2011 spring training trip has come to an end...
  • Monks Insider: Megan McDevitt, Final Installment
    January 04, 2011
    The alarm woke me from a deep sleep at 6:30 AM and I did not want to wake up. Finally, after the second or third time the snooze button went off, I was up and getting ready for the long day of travel back...
  • MONKS INSIDER: Nich Jobin, First and Second Installments
    December 30, 2010
    Today is our second day and it started off great, because our practice time changed so we could sleep in - which almost never happens, so it seems. Our morning was full of sleep and...
    May 22, 2010
    Well the 6 A.M. wakeup call came up quickly. Players rolled out of bed and made our way over to breakfast. Pitcher Mason Roberge was so jacked up...
    March 05, 2010
    Well after many cancellations and delays, the team has finally made it back to friendly old Standish, ME. It turned out that after our practice on Saturday and wonderful van ride...
    March 05, 2010
    With such a hard loss to Salem State yesterday, I felt it best to take some time to collect my thoughts before writing this final entry. There was no doubt amongst us, or our coaches, that we gave everything we had...
    March 05, 2010
    Sorry it’s a late update but yesterday was a little crazy. We didn't have our best outing as we were 1-3 yesterday but you win some and you lose some. The first game was tough. Kiera pitched amazing...