Saint Joseph's Hall of Fame Room - Donor List

Saint Joseph's Hall of Fame Room - Donor List

Thank you to our list of donors - your contributions are greatly appreciated!


Windham Millworks

Dunkin Donuts and the Scivanos Family

AAA Northern New England

Chris Esmond ‘94

Randy ’98 & Colleen Butler Henry ‘98

Carolyn Ewald Brooks ‘88

Hope Favreau ‘90

Richard Flaherty ‘87

Jim Ford ‘78

Mr and Mrs Thomas Marchant

Neile Joler Nelson ‘95

Lisa Pichaske ‘98

Kimberly Rodgers ‘94

Fred Stone

Dennis Berard ‘89

Michael Fiorillo ‘86

Dick Ruane ‘78

Michael Johnston ‘74

Debora Costa Martino ‘88

Margaret O’Brion McDevitt ‘82

Mike McDevitt ‘83

Kelly Wood Smith ‘94

Michael Bolanz ‘00

John Wassenbergh ’96

David Roussel

Dick and Faith Bailey

Rick Simonds

Jeff ’86 and Debbie Prescott Crocker ‘86

Heather and Josh Plati

Karl ‘80 and Carla Taliento Savino ‘85

Mr. and Mrs. Royster Tucker, III

Frank Cody ‘91

Bill Mucci ‘87

Paul Gamache ‘78

Fran and Dana Quackenbush Vachon ‘77

Brian and Shanda Curtin

Will Sanborn '86 and Lynn Brown

Reis ’79 and Cathy Hevey Hagerman ’79 – in memory of Tim Hagerman

Karen Rogers Matheson ‘95

Max ’78 and Linda Johnson Freeman ‘81

Todd Hamilton ‘99

George ’88 and Kimberly Potmesil Bockus ‘90

Steve and Shannon Babineau

Suzanne Picard Rondeau ‘02

Tom ’88 and Anne Parker Ollmann ‘92

Kathy Britton ‘94

Corey and Katie McCarthy

Maine Medical Center – Sports Medicine

Robert and Delene Sanicola

Robert ’99 and Audrey Langlais Sanicola ‘03

Jim Graffam