>Medical Requirements for Intercollegiate Athletics Participation<

Welcome Saint Joseph’s College Student-Athletes!

The Athletic Training Staff looks forward to assisting you in your athletic endeavors and we will strive to provide an optimal environment in which you can succeed.

**The following information is intended for returning varsity student-athletes and for those student-athletes (incoming 1st time or new athletes) who are currently on a roster or expected by the coaches of the respective teams. IF YOU ARE NOT CURRENTLY ON A TEAM ROSTER, PLEASE STOP HERE AND CONTACT THE SJC ATHLETICS DEPARTMENT FOR INFORMATION ABOUT INTERCOLLEGIATE ATHLETICS ELIGIBILITY AND PARTICIPATION.

>Pre-Participation Medical Evaluation<

All pre-participation medical evaluations for Fall sports will be conducted by the SJC Sports Medicine Team under the direction of Orthopedic Associates and will be held in the Athletic Training Room at Alfond Center on August 16th (Men’s & Women’s Soccer, Volleyball & Golf) and August 19th (Men’s & Women’s Cross Country & Field Hockey). Times TBA and communicated through your coaches.  Please dress accordingly (workout attire) for your appointment.

Pre-participation medical evaluations for ALL WINTER AND SPRING SPORTS: AUGUST 28th

  • All prospective first time or new SJC student-athletes:
    • MUST complete an initial, comprehensive Pre-Participation Medical Evaluation with a Saint Joseph’s College team physician. This medical evaluation is a SPORTS SPECIFIC physical exam and is separate from any medical exam administered by your PCP. You must also complete the following online paperwork. See next section for instructions.
  • All returning SJC student- athletes:
    • MUST complete a medical update/screening with the SJC Sports Medicine team and complete the following online paperwork. See next section for instructions. 

**Note: Returning student-athletes whose medical update indicates a need to follow up on a resolved or unresolved medical condition may require an evaluation by the SJC team physician for clearance to participate.

>Online Paperwork (PRIVIT Profile) Requirements<

All student-athletes MUST complete the online paperwork (PRIVIT Profile) medical history questionnaire prior to being seen by the SJC Sports Medicine team. The PRIVIT Profile is a comprehensive, branched-chain questionnaire which will allow you to present detailed responses regarding your medical history. This web-based questionnaire is on a highly secure website (PRIVIT), which is compliant with International privacy laws including HIPPA, PIPEDA and FERPA. Each response to the questions in your personal health profile is encrypted and viewed only by SJC Sports Medicine personnel.

** All student-athletes must complete the PRIVIT Profile by August 8, 2019**

  • If you are under age 18 when completing the PRIVIT Profile you must have your parent/legal guardian assist you with this process and sign your documents.
  • Coaches will be able to monitor the progress toward completion of the PRIVIT Profile by the student-athletes on their respective team. They will only have access to insurance information and emergency contact information as well as awareness of medical conditions that may affect participation. They will not have access to any other medical or personal information.
  • Only SJC Sports Medicine team members will have access to your Health History Summary.
  • Please be very thorough with your responses as you complete the questionnaire.

>To access and begin your PRIVIT Profile<

The PRIVIT website link (which follows) will enable access to the Welcome Page of the PRIVIT Profile and guide the student-athletes through the registration and questionnaire process. The process should take approximately 45 minutes to complete for first-time registrants.

Please be very thorough and make use of the suggested “Get Help” how-to guides and tutorials which are readily accessible. These guides are very detailed, user-friendly and describe thoroughly the registration process and PRIVIT profile questionnaire. They are a valuable resource! 

To begin your PRIVIT Profile e-PPE paperwork, complete the following steps:

Step 1: Register an Account*:

Register an account in your name and complete the appropriate information. Create your account by clicking the Privit logo:



AND follow the steps below:

  • From the landing page, click Register.
  • Please register with your name, your email address, and create a password of your choice. When you are finished, click Sign Up. You will then land on the 'Welcome' page.
  • On the 'Welcome' page, you will find an important message containing step by step instructions for completing your PRIVIT e-PPE.

*Note: RETURNERS - If you already have an account, skip Step 1 and log in with your credentials.

Forgot your password? Use the Forgot Password link on the landing page or call the PRIVIT Support Team at 844.234.4357

If you need assistance with PRIVIT Profile please contact the Help Center at 1-844-234-4357 or visit www.support.privit.com

For further assistance please contact:

Head Athletic Trainer: Rick Burrill, ATC – rburrill@sjcme.edu

Assistant Athletic Trainer: Tiffany Miller-Gagnon, ATC – tgagnon@sjcme.edu

Assistant Athletic Trainer: Zack Chase, ATC - zchase@sjcme.edu